Travel Chess Sets for Your Next Trip

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Play chess on the go

Chess the game of the kings, the brainy game, and one of the best way that I found to enjoy my free time, especially when accompanied by portable travel chess sets, while I’m on the move.

Few years ago, when I started to play chess, I realized that it could be fun to have a nice chess set while traveling, and I though “Hum… a magnetic board would be be perfect!”.

I love playing chess with friends during a long trip, and it revealed itself to be a blessing. 

The strategy and the attention required to do the right move at the right time never cease to fascinate me. Whether you’re a grown man or a young child, anyone can play. That’s the magic of the game.

And to train effectively, a portable chess board will be your best friend.

The benefits of a travel chess set

The benefits of a travel magnetic chess board are numerous, especially for those who enjoy playing chess on the go or while traveling. Here are some advantages:

  • Portability: Magnetic travel chess boards are often designed to be compact and lightweight, making them highly portable. They’re easily carried in a bag, backpack, suitcase, or even a pocket, allowing for chess games wherever you go.
  • Stability and Security: The magnetic feature keeps the chess pieces in place, ensuring they don’t move or fall during travel, even if the board is tilted or jostled. This stability is particularly helpful in vehicles, trains, or airplanes.
  • Convenience: These sets are convenient for impromptu games, enabling players to enjoy chess during layovers, breaks, or while waiting in transit.
  • Durable and Long-lasting: Many magnetic travel sets are made from sturdy materials, ensuring durability and longevity even with frequent use and travel.
  • Reduced Risk of Losing Pieces: With the magnetic feature, the pieces are less likely to get lost, making them an ideal choice for travel and ensuring a complete set for every game.
  • Ideal for Various Environments: The magnetic feature makes these sets suitable for different environments, from outdoor picnics to indoor settings, ensuring an enjoyable game without worrying about pieces moving due to the board’s positioning.
  • Battery-Free Entertainment: Unlike digital games or devices, these sets don’t require power sources, offering entertainment without relying on batteries or electronic devices.

Pick your next chess board

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll explore ten remarkable travel chess sets available on Amazon, detailing their unique quality, features, design, and portability.

Here are some suggestions to help you choose among the multitude of travel chess sets. 

1. QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The QuadPro Magnetic Travel Chess Set provides exceptional durability with its high-quality aluminum board, ensuring a stable playing surface.

Its magnetic pieces offer secure positioning, ideal for gaming on the go.

The compact, foldable design is tailored for travelers, easily fitting into bags.

Additionally, the aluminum construction guarantees a lightweight yet robust set, perfect for varied terrains.

2. WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set

Ideal for tournament-style play, the WE Games Best Value Tournament Chess Set stands out with its Staunton-style pieces and a roll-up vinyl board.

The flexibility and durability of the roll-up board make it an excellent choice for travel, allowing it to fit snugly into travel gear without compromising on quality.

The set’s weighted pieces ensure stability, even in transit.

3. Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Set

The Yellow Mountain Imports Magnetic Travel Chess Set combines style and practicality.

The magnetized wooden pieces are securely anchored on the sleek board, ensuring a premium gaming experience.

Its slender profile and the pieces’ felted bottoms make it ideal for travel, in a bag, protecting both the pieces and the board. T

he sophisticated aesthetics make it an attractive choice for chess enthusiasts on the move.

4. ASNEY Magnetic Wooden Chess Set

Crafted with a premium wooden board and magnetized pieces, the ASNEY Magnetic Wooden Chess Set embodies elegance and convenience.

The felted bottoms of the pieces protect the board, guaranteeing a smooth and secure gaming surface.

Despite the luxurious wooden construction, the set remains lightweight and is an optimal choice for travelers seeking a touch of sophistication.

5. Radicaln Handmade Marble Chess Set

The Radicaln Handmade Marble Chess Set is a testament to craftsmanship and opulence. Hand-carved marble pieces and a foldable board make this set a striking choice.

The marble pieces provide a distinct tactile experience, adding weight to the gameplay.

Although heavier, this set is more than just a game; it’s an art piece suited for travelers appreciative of luxury.

6. GrowUpSmart Magnetic Chess Pieces, 3 inch King

The GrowUpSmart Magnetic Chess Pieces is designed for durability and practicality.

Important: You need a magnetic chessboard; however, this product only includes chess pieces.

The set’s lightweight and compact design make it easy to carry, providing a reliable gaming option for frequent travelers who enjoy to play and learn.

7. Hey! Play! Mini Magnetic Chess Set

Despite its diminutive size, the Hey! Play! Mini Magnetic Chess Set packs a punch.

The magnetic pieces and pocket-sized board ensure quality gameplay on the go.

Its portability and engaging features make it a fun and convenient choice for spontaneous chess matches during travel.

8. Yellow Mountain Imports Wooden Travel Chess Set

The Yellow Mountain Imports Wooden Travel Chess Set exudes classic charm with its finely crafted wooden pieces.

The added storage drawer within the board ensures safekeeping and portability.

The sturdy wooden construction and timeless design make it a suitable choice for travelers seeking both aesthetics and functionality.


In conclusion, each travel chess set reviewed here represents a unique blend of design, portability, and quality, catering to diverse preferences and needs of travelers passionate about the game of chess.

Amazon’s range of options ensures an enriching chess experience during your travels.

Investing in a portable chess set guarantees the opportunity to engage in the timeless game of chess, enabling enthusiasts to enjoy their passion anywhere in the world.